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Yoga is something you can do with very little equipment. You generally just need a mat and some yoga leggings. In some cases, you may not even need the mat. It just adds extra comfort and stability to whatever surface you are on. There are other props you can use to help enhance or improve your yoga practice. None of these are required, but if you want assistance improving a posture or trying to go deeper into a pose, there are some options.

  • The first prop you might find useful is a yoga towel. If you find yourself participating primarily in hot yoga classes or vinyasa classes where you’re building heat in your body and sweating, a towel will help so your mat doesn’t become too slippery. A class that is intended to energize you, can quickly become a slippery disaster if you don’t have a towel to go over a yoga mat. If you don’t want to purchase a full towel, it is helpful to have a smaller hand-size towel to wipe off your hands and feet with.
  • If you’re reading this article, then you probably already have a yoga mat or at least know that you need one. You may find that carrying the mat around can be frustrating as it might often come unraveled. The easiest way to remedy this is with a yoga mat bag. They are shaped so the mat can fit in, while rolled up, and most come with a strap so you can put it over your shoulder for easy carrying.
  • A yoga block is a fantastic prop for helping you get deeper into poses or support you in more challenging poses. Yoga blocks are inexpensive and can be found at any major retailer
  • Another prop that is great for adding comfort is a blanket. Use it to place underneath your knees during poses like camel poses or any time you feel pressure on your knees. It will help provide comfort during these poses.
  • Lastly, if you’re working on your meditation, you may want to invest in a meditation cushion. Trying to maintain proper posture on what can sometimes be a hard floor, and trying to keep your mind clear of any negative or stressful thoughts is challenging. The cushion will provide you with added comfort and help make sure your posture stays correct while meditating, allowing you to let go and clear your mind.

If you purchase one of these props and aren’t sure how to use them, there are plenty of resources out there telling you different ways to use them to help with your yoga practice. They aren’t necessary. They are merely tools to use if you wish to enhance your practice. Yoga is all about doing your best at the moment and continually growing and improving in each posture. Some days you might see a lot of progress, and other days you might feel as if you’ve taken a step back. The point is to keep coming to your mat, and these props can help you with your growth. 

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