Breaking Myths about Yoga

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Yoga originated in India but has managed to spread around the world like bush fire. It has become very popular in the western world to the extent that it is a cool thing to do. However, not everybody practices yoga. On the one hand, there are lifetime practitioners, and on the other hand, the ones who do not practice because of the myths and misconceptions surrounding yoga practice. We will focus on the myths and misconceptions that surround this practice among those who do not believe in it. The following are myths about yoga:

Yoga is meant for the young and physically fit

Yoga has no boundaries when it comes to age. Anybody can do yoga since it is meant to focus on the overall well-being of an individual. You do not have to be physically fit to practice yoga and there is no limit on the age for those who want to take up yoga. Moreover, yoga practice is also beneficial to the elderly as it can help solve issues that come with old age, including blood pressure and arthritis.

Yoga requires people who are flexible

The poses associated with yoga can be very scary to those who would want to take up yoga sessions for the first time. Advanced yoga enthusiasts have managed to reach those levels of complexities by practicing daily. You need not worry about difficult yoga poses from the very beginning, but instead, you should only do what your body is comfortable with. After all, you do not need to be flexible to practice yoga, instead, yoga is meant to make you flexible.

Yoga can cure your ailments

Yoga can be very useful especially in maintaining good health and keeping the central nervous system healthy. However, you cannot expect that all the diseases will simply go away in just a day. You will need a certain level of consistency in yoga practice in order to start noticing any changes. Therefore, the medication should go hand in hand with yoga.

Yoga is meant for women

This is a misconception. Yoga is meant for everybody and not necessarily women. In fact, the practice of yoga cuts across the gender barrier, men not only practicing yoga but also becoming renowned instructors. Yoga practice for men will help to strengthen the muscles, keep the body in good posture, improve flexibility, and help to relieve stress. Hence, yoga is as important to men as it is to women.

Yoga is better during the morning hours

In as much as there are benefits of doing yoga in the morning, it does not necessarily mean that you are restricted to this time of the day. If you have a busy morning schedule, then you should find some free time during the day for practice. There is no specific time to practice yoga.

Yoga is about asana and pranayama

Asana, which deals with postures together with pranayama, which deals with breathing, is not the only principle of yoga. There are other principles like Dhyaan, Yama, Niyama, Dharana, Pratyahara, and Samadhi. All these principles work together to ensure the overall well-being of an individual. Therefore, many people say that yoga is much more important than fitness.

Yoga practice is boring

There is fun in yoga sessions as you get to interact with your fellow members, trying together to achieve different stretches and body poses. Yoga is not about being serious all the time; there may be moments of laughter and humor during class since not everybody will manage to do the body poses in the right way. Thus, yoga sessions will become more enjoyable.

Yoga means spiritualism

Yoga does not define religion. Anybody who needs peace with himself can practice yoga without any discrimination.
In conclusion, there are lots of myths associated with yoga practice but they should not prevent you from trying it out. It will change your life for good.

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